The Earth is in our Hands


MR. TLB was established in 1999 by the founder and owner Mr. Rowan Swart.  Throughout the years, Mr.TLB began renting out construction equipment to contractors and to private individuals, as there was and still is a great demand for equipment rental.

As experts in the field, we also advise clients what type of machinery and equipment would best suit their specific need for earthwork. When dealing with Mr. TLB you can expect to receive valuable technical advice from time to time.

As part of our quality assurance process, we also do site visits to our customers to ensure they are satisfied.

Mr. TLB will rebuild second hand equipment and restore it to workable and serviceable level. In addition to rebuilding second hand equipment, we also sell it. Although the majority of our work is TLB's, we also specialize in graders, tractors and trucks.

You can count on us if your machine breaks down unexpectedly.

As a company, our vision is to be the leading and the preferred provider of equipment and service to our customers.


With years of experience and competence certification, our team is always ready to assist.