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Terms and Conditions:-

A 50% rain will be charged if your hire period is longer the one day hire agreement.

Minimum 1 day will be charged (Traveling Included) Time starts at 07h00 am to 17h00 pm.

All prices are exclusive of VAT 

Should the machine have a break-down then we have to be notified with immediate effect.

The hirer must supervise the operator as to the type of work to be executed by the machine and will be held responsible for loss or damage caused by or to the machine.

No downtime will be accepted due to punctures on a unacceptable site.  A 50%  charge in respect of a puncture on site will be payable by the hirer.

If the Hire period is longer than a day then the hirer must arrange accommodation for the operator or a delivery and collection fee of R500 will be charged for a radius of 50km.

If the site is further than 30km from our yard then TLB's will be delivered and collected with a lowbed at the customer's cost.

If a machine is hired on a dry rate it will be sent out to site with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank, or will be charged to the hirer's account and a diesel deposit of R2500, refundable, will be charged.


Basic Pricing:-

TLB - Diesel included - per hour R500.00 Incl.

TLB - Diesel Excluded - per hour R350.00 Incl. 

*** Prices are subject to change 

*** Different machine type may differ and are subject to quotation